Today Marks the Occupier’s Birthday!





This is really impressive, signs of Peace!

No comment!

Climate Change took revenge too!

In his last visit to Iraq, the former president of USA George W. Bush was holding a good-bye conference. He had only few days, and then he will be a normal American citizen.  For an instant, everything went right, until came Montazar al Zaydi and threw his two shoes targeting Bush.

To celebrate this moment I searched for some cartoons that celebrated the humiliation of the illegal occupier!!

A training session!

A shoe can achieves more than resolutions and negotiations!

New Signs!


Courageous Pesident!


Training sessions!

No comment!

Weapons of Mass Destructions should stay outside conference room!!

Great job Maliki!!

Democray, what democracy?!

Good One!

Santa's Gift

yes, this is what we will see in history books!

Obama is not better!

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3 Responses to Today Marks the Occupier’s Birthday!

  1. nsibai says:

    I still remember that day,the humiliation of George W Bush.
    I like the cartoons 🙂

  2. fatima farhat lamaa says:

    I like the cartoons tooo 🙂

  3. reem farhat says:

    we all still remember this day , he deserve it 🙂

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