We need respect and professionalism in the Arabic Media!

On the 2nd of January the Time Magazine has published an article written by Steven Sotloff: “Why the Libyans Have Fallen Out of Love with Qatar”. The article was tweeted 118 times.

On the next day, the 3rd of January, I stumbled upon an article in the Arabic electronic newspaper Elaph titled in Arabic “Sahaher al’asal al Qatari fi Libya entaha.. w hazihi Asbaboh” (The Qatari Honeymoon in Libya has ended.. and here are the reasons). The article is tweeted 27 times.

When I read the article I had the thought that it is a coincidence for both articles to show resemblance in the title. However, reading through the article it was a genuine and easy copy & Paste but with a translate into Arabic!!

Unfortunately, the writer didn’t mention that this article is translated and has been taken out from the Time website, but he went  thoroughly explicating the facts of Qatari money in Libya, the exact same ones presented by Sotloff, as if they were his own efforts.

 Abdul Elah Majeed, the article’s writer in Arabic,  dismissed to accredit Sotloff analysis and facts. In addition, Elaph website has used the same picture put for Sotloff’s article in the Time without sourcing the picture.

However, Majeed who claims that he wrote the article (since there is no mention whatsoever that this article is translated) has sourced the Time  six times when the genuine article stated some crucial facts and interviews:

– Today, they are preparing to fund a program to send Libyan troops to train in France. (In Arabic: واليوم، يستعد القطريون لتمويل برنامج تدريب قوات ليبية في فرنسا، كما افادت مجلة تايم في تقرير من طرابلس.)

– “I think what they have done is basically support the Muslim Brotherhood,” says former NTC Deputy Prime Minister Ali Tarhouni. (In Arabic: ونقلت مجلة تايم عن علي الترهوني نائب رئيس المكتب التنفيذي للمجلس الانتقالي الليبي ووزير المالية والنفط السابق ان ما فعلته قطر من حيث الأساس “هو دعم الاخوان المسلمين”.)

– Qatari officials have indeed exerted influence in Libyan politics. During deliberations to choose a new Cabinet in September, a senior Qatari official was seen huddled with the outgoing Defense Minister, allegedly trying to guide appointments to sensitive security positions. (In Arabic: وخلال الاتصالات والمداولات لتشكيل حكومة جديدة في ايلول/سبتمبر الماضي، شوهد مسؤول قطري كبير يتباحث مع وزير الدفاع السابق محاولا على ما يُفترض توجيه التعيينات في المناصب الأمنية الحساسة ، بحسب مجلة تايم.)

– “Qatar is weakening Libya,” says an NTC member who requested anonymity because he was speaking about a sensitive topic.  (In Arabic: وقال عضو في المجلس الانتقالي طلب عدم ذكر اسمه ، لمجلة تايم “إن قطر تضعف ليبيا، وهم بتمويلهم الاسلاميين يخلُّون بالتوازن السياسي ويجعلون من الصعب علينا ان نتحرك الى الأمام”.)

– “We fought to be free,” he explained, “not so that new rulers from abroad will take away our freedom.” (In Arabic: وقال محمود لمجلة تايم “اننا قاتلنا من اجل ان نكون احرارًا لا ان يصادر حريتنا حكام جدد من الخارج”.)

– It was a refrain seldom heard during the revolution. But with Libyan politicians taking an increasingly vocal stance against Qatar, the tiny Gulf emirate whose friendship Libya was proud of has become an obtrusive guest that many wish would leave. (In Arabic: وتردد هذا الرأي الذي نادرا ما كان يُسمع خلال الثورة على لسان آخرين. ولكن إذ بدأ سياسيون ليبيون يجاهرون بالحديث ضد التدخل القطري اصبحت الدولة الخليجية التي كانت ليبيا تعتز بصداقتها، ضيفا ثقيلا يريده كثيرون ان يغادر، على حد تعبير مجلة تايم.)

Seriously, we need more respect and professionalism in the Arabic media!

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