Saad Hariri and the IDF spokesman!

Saad Hariri member of the parliament, former prime minister of Lebanon,  and son of the late Rafiq Hariri, has joined twitter since October 5, 2009. This account was hold with his PR department who followed up  his meetings and travels. However, last November he personally started tweeting via twitter to follow up the news with his supporters.

Anyway, Hariri seemed to enjoy this twitter. That today (12 January 2012) saluted the spokesman of the Israeli Defense Army IDF!!

Not only Avichay Adraee settled his bio on his twitter profile as ” The spokesman of the IDF to the Arabic media”, but he is pictured infront of the “Israel” flag. Later on, Hariri  tweeted “While answering greetings this morning I sent a good morning reply to someone whom some of you later said they think is an Israeli official” And then added: “If it is true, I want to clearly say I wouldn’t have answered if I had known, because Israel is our enemy.”

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One Response to Saad Hariri and the IDF spokesman!

  1. duckyb58 says:

    I really feel sorry for you if you didn’t know who you were chating with! Couldn’t you see the flag behind him? Come on

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