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Saad Hariri and the IDF spokesman!

Saad Hariri member of the parliament, former prime minister of Lebanon,  and son of the late Rafiq Hariri, has joined twitter since October 5, 2009. This account was hold with his PR department who followed up  his meetings and travels. However, … Continue reading

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What Best Describes the political and the social changes in the MENA region?

Dear Readers, I would appreciate your help to vote on this question, any comments on the matter are welcomed as well. *Note: This survey deadline is on 5 February, 2012.

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This writer of Elaph: steals articles, translates them, and then publishes them under his name!

I wonder how much is he paid for his extensive reports and analysis!! This writer of the electronic magazine of Elaph, Abdul Elah Majeed, translates newspaper articles – from American websites – into Arabic, and then publishes them under his … Continue reading

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We need respect and professionalism in the Arabic Media!

On the 2nd of January the Time Magazine has published an article written by Steven Sotloff: “Why the Libyans Have Fallen Out of Love with Qatar”. The article was tweeted 118 times. On the next day, the 3rd of January, … Continue reading

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An Article I wrote in 2009…

A year before my graduation in 2009, I have joined a group of students and instructors to establish a newspaper empowered by youth.  The main aim was to create a new media outlet unlike the mainstream media that are affiliated … Continue reading

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Yo do not Stand Alone!

This is an article from Rachel Corrie’s Journals “Let Me Stand Alone”, in her 8th martyrdom anniversary. Rachel was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer when she tried to stop the demolishing of a Palestinian home in Gaza. Here is … Continue reading

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Today Marks the Occupier’s Birthday!

This is really impressive, signs of Peace! No comment! Climate Change took revenge too! In his last visit to Iraq, the former president of USA George W. Bush was holding a good-bye conference. He had only few days, and then … Continue reading

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